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•  ClearVision Medical Solutions is your number 1-stop-shop business partner
•  No more huge telephone bills
•  Burden free administration
•  Increased cash flow and low bad debts
•  And further more a recent survey by an independent group showed that 80% of South African doctors do not receive payment for
    ALL the work they do.  The average doctor spends 20% of his/her turnover just trying to collect unpaid debts.  Yes! A whooping R200
    out of every R1000! The survey also showed that 30% of claims are written off as Bad Debts, simply because doctors do not have time
    to follow-up on unpaid accounts and that their accounts department fails to do follow-up on unpaid accounts. That amounts to a
    massive +/- 50% of a doctor’s turnover.

Practice Management Software

This option is suitable for practices that prefer to handle their own medical aid claims administration in the practice premises. This is an online
Practice Management Application with highly access security features which is very effective and stable, developed with the intention to
provide a true user-friendly experience to end users.

Our Software is enabled to work on windows operating PC system. It allows the user to efficiently render accounts to Medical Aids, Medical
Insurance companies, private patients, etc. The following are some of the features of our program:


Medical Aid Billing Solutions

ClearVision Medical Solutions takes pride through dedication to customer service provision as the key to the company growth and
development.  The administrative service that we offer saves time and money. As part of the package, ClearVision covers the following six
critical pillars of practice administration for its client base:

•  All daily claims or transactions are to be captured in our easy to use web based medical billing software called DrCure. After claims are
    received they are captured and be sent to various medical aid schemes.
•  Tracking and managing claims responses is a complex and still a vital process to be followed. The Practice Management Software utilized
    by ClearVision will capture transaction summary, showing captured, processed, submitted/sent and rejected claims.
•  This ensures that there is proof of submission and allows for problem-free process. Rejection analysis option is both done through our
    billing programs, including manual ones, which identifies reasons for claim rejections.
•  Patient’s accounts will be reconciled once the medical aid schemes have released the remittance advice/s after each payment run. After
    the reconciliation process, problem claims are to be followed and be handled the best way we know how.
•  All the unpaid claims are followed and patients are contacted with regard to their liable portions and advised to pay. Refusals will be
    handed over to a collecting agency. NB. Only with the approval of the practice owner.
•  The practitioner will receive a reconciled payment statement. We offer comprehensive invoice incorporating allotted and compensated
     money.  To put a cherry on top the practitioner will receive a cell phone text message on daily basis informing about amount claimed and
     amount requiring action, thus giving the practitioner an idea of how his/her practice is been managed.
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Medical Waste

Medical waste management, collection of all medical waste at the practices and disposed as per the department of health regulations.


Provision of all day to day stationery, i.e. sick notes, referral letters, pens, files, printing papers, etc