Trusted Practice Business Partner
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ClearVision Medical Solutions is a South African enterprise registered under the Proprietary Limited Act of South Africa. The core objective of
the business is to partner with private practices and become the champion of the following medical practice pillars:

•  Practice management software
•  Medical aid billing solution, the aim is to transform practice’s medical aid claims and processes into profitable and
    burden-free administration,
•  Supply of surgical disposables at competitive prices,
•  Medical waste management, i.e. collection of medical waste from practices and
•  Supply of stationery used in the practices at reasonable prices

With the constant increase in the number of private practices, we strongly believe that our product offering will always be in high demand;
hence it can only be a success.

Our vision is to be the client's first choice provider of quality, service & value in the healthcare market-place.

ClearVision Medical Solutions, an empowered enterprise, founded upon service to our customers and committed to providing value to its client
base. Our cornerstone is knowledge of the market-place and an extensive business network base. Our service offering distinguishes itself on
the basis of quality, customer service and value that can be trusted.

Premier Values
The values that guide our business include:

•  Leadership: ClearVision is a company with the authority to lead the creativity to inspire and change the current status quo.
•  Passion: We have a passion for delivering value to our clients
•  Respect: We treat our team members, customers, partners and suppliers with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the
    importance of diversity.
•  Integrity: We are committed to the highest level of integrity in every aspect of our business.
•  Excellence: We aim to be the best in quality and in everything we do.
•  Innovation: We are creative in delivering value to our clients, stakeholders and suppliers. We anticipate change and capitalize on
    the many opportunities that arise.
•  Empowerment: To empower our talented people to take the initiative.
•  Teamwork: We promote and support a diverse, yet unified, team. We work together to meet our common goals.